Bästa barnfilmerna på engelska

National Film Board of Canada

Här hittar ni bra engelska tecknade filmer. 

The Magic of Anansi

This animated short tells the story of Anansi, a little spider who is tired of being snubbed by other the jungle animals, especially Mr. Tiger. As Anansi plots and schemes to change things, he realizes he can't gain respect by putting others down. 

The Hungry Squid

Young Dorothy has more than her fair share of troubles, including wildlife consuming her homework. Find out how she regains control of her situation with this animated short by Oscar® winner John Weldon! 

The Literacy Shed

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"A little, red boat is launched.  We don't know who by or where but it sets off on a journey.  

In this animation the boat is the main character.  The children can write the narrative for this story from the point of view of the boat.  

It is a great way of introducing temporal connectives, children will need to think of words to use instead of then and next.  As the boat travels on it's linear journey it sees some amazing sites.  
The boat gets tossed and turned by the weather, it gets caught up in a war and becomes a floating wreck. The children could experiment with using language to create a mood.  There are also opportunities to introduce inference and deduction, for example, how does the boat become repaired near to the end. 

There are a number of writing opportunities:
  • Write the narrative for the animation 1st or 3rd person.
  • Write the dialogue between the 2 monkeys on the boat or between the soldiers.
  • Create a post card album, use stills from the animations as postcards, write home imagining they are the boat, describing what has happened, what they saw and how they are feeling." 

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