Utveckla skrivandet på engelska


Här hittar ni en ny bild varje dag och en massa skrivövningar som hör till bilden:
Giant Tennis

Story starter
It was the greatest match the world had ever seen! The boy’s colossal legs waded through the water, sending shockwaves through the city engulfed in shadow. With a loud grunt, the enormous child lunged towards the sun, ready to take the shot…
Can you continue the story of the giant tennis match?
Question time
Who do you think the boy is playing tennis with?
How do you think the boy has grown so large?
Where did he come from?
What will happen when he hits the ball?
How far away do you think his partner is stood?
Are they hitting the ball over a net?
What city can you see in the background?

Magnetic Poetry 



PicLits.com är en kreativ webbplats som matchar vackra bilder med noggrant utvalda nyckelord för att inspirera dig för att skriva på engelska. Målet är att sätta rätt ord på rätt plats för att fånga berättelsen och innebörden av bilden.
 Länka bild

    Five Card Flickr 

    En berättelse med 5 bilder. Du väljer 5 bilder och skriver en egen berättelse.

    Story starters

    "Ready to get students excited about writing? Scholastic's Story Startersserves up hundreds of creative combinations that take the writer’s block out of creative writing for students. Plus, it is now available for iPad!"

    One word: Simple. You’ll see one word at the top of the following screen.
    You have sixty seconds to write about it. Don’t think. Just write.
    Toasted Calendar: Här hitar du en massa ideer för skrivandet.
    Quozio turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds. Then share 'em on Facebook, Pinterest, email and more!
    FoldingStory is a group storytelling game. Sign up today to enter the fold. If you need help getting started, check our suggestions or read some finished stories.
    Wacky web tales: Fyll i de saknade orden och läs texten du skapat.
    Writing exercises provides (completely free) writing prompts and exercises to help you get started with creative writing and break through writing blocks.
    Storybird :Skriv digitala böcker med fantastiska bilder.
    6 word stories: Skriv en berättelse med 6 ord.
    Storyboard generator
    Valentine's Day Magnetic Poetry
    Winter Magnetic Poetry
    Spring Magnetic Poetry
    Enkla sidor för att skapa dokument eller webbsidor (krävs ej konto)
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